Our Story

At Indiploy, we’re a team with extensive experience working in a wide number of industries — from consultancy and software companies to telecoms and defence. In the process, we realised that firms across the board tend to employ the same ineffective benefit systems, which often results in a less than optimal working environment for their employees.

While it’s all well and good for a company to offer private health packages to their employees, if a double-income family is receiving two health packages, how much more beneficial would it be if one of them was able to trade in their health package for some other benefit of equal value?

With benefits packages traditionally constructed in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ manner, it seemed to us that a change to the established process was long overdue. In a bid to address this, we developed the Indiploy platform.

Central to our outlook is a movement towards companies viewing their employees as individuals and creating an environment that reflects that. That’s not to say that companies intentionally group their employees into broad categories, but rather that the capacity to efficiently administer a more personalized approach has been beyond their reach — at least, until now.

With Indiploy, companies create an optimal working environment by giving their staff control over which benefits they receive on a personal basis. Whether you’re a younger employee trying to buy your first property and more interested in increased direct payments or a slightly older employee who may be more interested in pension plan benefits, the choice is up to you.

To make the platform as accessible as possible, it was important to us that the Indiploy was at once affordable enough for smaller companies to use and flexible enough for larger companies to incorporate seamlessly into their established HR systems. To this end, Indiploy utilises a subscription system that makes the platform remarkably cheap to set up and operate and is engineered as a stand-alone cloud-based platform that works in unison with any existing HR/Finance system.

At its heart, Indiploy is about flexibility. It’s about options and giving both employees and employers the tools they need to create the most valued working environment possible.

If you’d like to know more about Indiploy, don’t hesitate to contact us — one of our team will be more than happy to speak to you.