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Your Employees Like Individuals

A simple and affordable software package, Indiploy provides an effective solution to an increasingly costly problem for employers: how to attract and retain staff.

By allowing employees to personally customise their benefits packages depending on their circumstances and needs, Indiploy helps businesses to create a more engaging work environment easily and cost-effectively.

Keep Your Employees Happy — 

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Simple to

Converts complex benefits, payslip and tax calculations into meaningful data that can easily be analysed and acted upon.


Using anonymous data, Indiploy provides companies with insight into which benefits are most popular and provide the greatest value within any given demographic.

Enhanced Company Growth

Further to enhancing employee retention rates, Indiploy provides expanding companies with insights into what benefits employees in new territories may expect.

With people expecting options in all aspects of their lives now — from shopping to streaming — they’re increasingly expecting the same kind of flexibility when it comes to their work-life too.

While a standard benefits package may be attractive to an employee at one particular moment in time, people’s circumstances change — as an employee’s career advances, they may value extra annual leave they can spend with their children far more than an equivalent salary rise.

However, from leave to equity options and from health insurance to pension plans, catering to the specific needs of every employee in an organisation can be a monumental task for an HR department, especially in larger companies.

Indiploy provides companies with an employee-centric benefits management system. A secure, cloud-based platform that integrates seamlessly with any HRM system, the platform supplies employees with meaningful calculations and options, allowing them to maximise their benefits.


Employee Experience

Sidestepping the need for time-consuming applications, approvals and signatures, Indiploy provides employees with a user-friendly method to tailor their benefits options, creating a more satisfying work experience.


Staff Turnover

With the cost of replacing an employee ranging from 50% to 200% of the employee’s annual salary, Indiploy offers businesses an opportunity to significantly increase their employee retention rates.

An Efficient &

Low-Cost Solution

As a subscription service, Indiploy not only has low entry costs but with the platform requiring minimal set-up, it causes next to no disruption to a company’s established HRM and Payroll systems.

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